Friday, January 13, 2012

Six..Six Days of Juicing...ha ha ha

This morning I juiced my
green grapes
red apples

for my lunch

shoved the bottle of juicy goodness into the freezer to add a little more chill before I went to work,

juiced my
dash of black pepper

for my breakfast of "man I would love to have vodka in this!" ghetto bloody mary, guzzled it all up,grabbed my stuff, went to the bus, and realized

I FORGOT MY LUNCH!!! In the freezer!!

Sweet baby jesus--looks like I will be dethawing and drinking/eating juice mush for a snack tonight.
To make it through the day I could of went to Jamba Juice which is like  a 10 minute walk or I could do what I have been doing to get my over  the "am I hungry? that smells good--do I want food?" thoughts--I am chewing gum.

As long as you do not swallow it sugar free gum really helps in a pinch to give your mouth something to do besides wonder

I could walk down to jamba juice but in all honesty I look at this as another test of my endurance. What's a few hours and a growling stomach?? (yes it was loud!) I can do this..I can drink water and wait to "eat".

and I will......


when I walked in my apartment and realized that my juice in the freezer was..uh..frozen...I went to work cutting up a double batch of my greens for my after work and dinner concoction.

I was pretty hungry by this time (5:45pm) so that double batch didn't take long for me to consume!

Tomorrow is going to be my first big hurdle on my quest for a better me...


I can't wait to hit that mini milestone!!

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