Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 1- So it begins!!

Day 1 - Yay!
After sleeping in  (thanks to my annoyingly needy cat it wasn't for as late as I had hoped though) I jumped out of bed to open my present to myself:
Behold the already assembled out of the box brand new shiny juicer :)

Even though it was already assembled I am glad I took it apart to clean before using or else I would of missed removing this cardboard disc from the blade:

Washed and ready breakfast would be a ghetto bloody mary with just lemon, tomatoes and celery:

I am lucky because my kitchen counter is higher than that of this built in wall unit I have in my eating area which made it a perfect height differential to fill this tall glass I plan to use:

Yay! It works!
My first juicing yielded more juice than could fill the glass so I had to pour into the pitcher than repour into the glass so it didn't overflow.
The machine gets pretty messy on the inside what with all the pulp. I think they say you can put a plastic bag inside the collection container to reduce some mess but it wasn't really that big of a deal.
I was happy to see this little booklet of juice recipes. I have some ideas for my next shopping trip.

Meal 1 thoughts:

 More lemon I think would be better. The drink gets thick if it sits for a minute so stirring is needed--maybe more lemon would reduce this a tad.

The juice was good and filling overall. I can see myself drinking it with no problem many times in a row.

Unfortunately the only problem I see taking on this challenge is lack of support.
I haven't told that many people about my goals but the few I have told have been very doubtful and not supportive at all.
I think , although pretty shitty, is a great motivator for me.
I can and I WILL succeed. Just to show em!

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